June 5th, 2014

reading ladders

Safe haven

Once again this week I had the chance to sit and listen to the inimitable Chris Crutcher talk about books, reading, censorship, educators, and kids. Here are just a few of his words of wisdom:

"You do grief until you are finished. Don't let anyone tell you it's time to move on or hurry."

"I fell in love with Scout because she was always tilling to tell me everything."

"Tell the truth as best as you can tell it."

"A book is an avenue between the reader and the writer. The teacher is a beacon in the journey."

"Teachers need to make a safe place for kids."

"Books connect kids to adults."

"If there is no YOU, there is no ME."

I love how Chris can take simple statements like this and convey perfectly the important roles of books and reading and teachers and choice and libraries to an audience. I almost feel the need to have each of these emblazoned on a shirt. There are seven here, so one for each day of the week?

I had the luxury of speaking in the morning so I did to have to follow Chris (phew!). I wish I could have coalesced my thoughts half as well. However, I did think I made a decent effort to talk about CCSS without retching or even ranting (I did rant a bit about exiles and levels, though). I am uploading the power point to www.slideshare.net/professornana tonight. If you want to see what I talked about, head on over there.