February 22nd, 2013

reading ladders

Stay tuned

Today was exactly the kind of day I needed, a day that replenished that rather deep void of joy. I spent the morning with my baby sister, her best friend, and my best friend, my BH. We had a lovely breakfast at a local diner. I handed over a bunch of picture book read alongs to share with a 3 year old.

On to the Woodlands where I picked up some exotic chocolate bars for a meeting on Monday (unless I eat them sooner). Then it was an almost 3 hour lunch with my mentor, Dick Abrahamson. Shared stories, family updates, books, teaching, and more.

Before heading home, I managed to get my hair cut, too.

Once home, BH and I watched Daily Show and Colbert Report. Scout climbed into my lap and purred.

I hope all of you had the chance I did today. My joy is replenished. Tomorrow is dinner with friends: more joy there. That is my wish for all of you for the weekend: joy. Find a good book, a quiet corner, some chocolate. Relax. Fill up.
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