September 13th, 2012

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Banned Books

The Texas ACLU tracks challenges to books in Texas schools. Here is the link to their 2011 report just in time for Banned Books Week:

And here is the list of books removed from the hands (and minds) of Texas kids last year. If this does not make you scratch your head (or want to tear out your hair in my case), then nothing will. I think I will pull out WEETZIE BAT and re-read it to confound those who find books objectionable. One of my favorite comic books is on this year's list: THE BOOK OF BUNNY SUICIDES. I have this book, calendar, postcards, and any other format I can find. I adore its dark humor. One man's (woman's) humor is another man's (woman's) ire.

List of Banned Books
Books removed from library shelves or class reading lists

Steve Alten
The Trench
Francesca Lia Block
Weetzie Bat
Sean Cliver
Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art
Carolyn Coman
Bee & Jacky
Caroline Cooney
The Terrorist
Eric Jerome Dickey
Drive Me Crazy
Dying for Revenge
Lynne Ewing
Into the Cold Fire
Chris Lynch
The Slot Machine
Carolyn Markler
Joe Meno
The Great Perhaps
Lauren Myracle
Kissing Kate
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Alice on the Outside
Sarah Parvis
Creepy Castles
Mike Reiss
The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln
Andy Riley
Book of Bunny Suicides