February 21st, 2011

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Picture Book Monday

Seems like the weekend flew by. Of course, that is most likely because I worked all day Saturday and spent a few hours driving back home from San Antonio yesterday. I did not mind the drive too much as I had audio to keep me company and Buccee's kolaches for munching. But it was a trifle hard getting out of bed this morning.

I am plugged into the iPod here at the office, listening to one of the finalists for the Teen category in the Audies Award. In between listening, I am reading some picture books. Not bad for a Monday.

LAST SONG is a poem by James Guthrie that has fewer than 30 words. Eric Rohmann provides lush illustrations for this book (Roaring Brook 2011) that glide across the double page spreads as do the squirrels who are the main characters. A die-cut cover allows readers to "peek" into the book as well. This book is perfect for a quick read aloud. It should be read aloud repeatedly so that kids can savor the words. Though few they are rich. <86>
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KIT FEENY ON THE MOVE by Michael Townsend (Knopf 2009) is the tale of a comic book loving character who has to move to a new house and leave behind his best friend on the world, Arnold. Kit devises an Arnold test to try to find his one new best friend. The test backfires and Kit has to come up with some other way of making a new pal. Loads of humor inside the covers of this GN for tween readers. <93>

YOUR BODY, BOOGERS AND ALL (Price Stern Sloan 2009)is a humorous look at the different parts of the body and how they all work. Join Henry as he explores the skeleton, the nose, the skin, heart, muscles, and other parts of the human system all within the confines of his own (decidedly different) home. Great introduction to systems of the human body for budding scientists. <94>