September 1st, 2010

reading ladders

teen queens, drama and otherwise

The resident of the back bedroom is a senior. I think with that status comes more drama. True? Latest trauma/drama has to do with her hair dryer burning out yesterday. She MUST have replacement as her hair looks awful without it. Honestly, I could not see the difference, but I am merely a nana and, therefore, unimportant. Seemed appropos somehow that this book was my book for yesterday's #bookaday (I am continuing this past the summer deadline and trying to keep it going as long as I can).

CLEOPATRA RULES! THE AMAZING LIFE OF THE ORIGINAL TEEN QUEEN by Vivky Alvear Shecter (Boyds Mills 2010) is an interesting piece of nonfiction about the woman who has been represented on the screen as a vamping beauty but who was, from all we can tell, less of a vamp and more of a strategist and leader. (not that these need to be mutually exclusive)

Shecter invites readers into history by combining traditional text with teen speak. Chapters are short with plenty of sidebars, call out boxes, charts, maps, and other additions. Great back matter includes an index, bibliography, glossary, timeline, and photo sources. <355>

We are in the middle of installing new bookcases in one room and an entertainment unit (do we still use that term) with bookcases in the living room. Nothing like the sound of nail guns and hammers and saws to help me be productive! Kitties are in hiding though both resent being locked in the "safe" room. With any luck, this will be completed tomorrow when I am at work.