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12 June 2008 @ 02:29 pm
Dead is the new black  
Fellow LJer, Marlene Perez, offers up a tasty first course of what it to be a trilogy in DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK (Harcourt, September 2008). The cover alone will appeal to teen girls and has already gotten the residents of the back bedroom vying over who gets my ARC first. Daisy Giordano is a Normal. Her sisters and mother are all gifted with paranormal powers. Daisy alone is not, or so it has been up til now. Nightshade High (love the name) has seen some problems this school year. The cheerleaders are dropping like flies. The culprit? A psionic vampire, one who drains not blood but life force. In Nightshade, a town known for some rather unusual residents, this might just fly under most folks' radar. However, Daisy is drawn into the mystery, trying to discover the identity of the vampire before all the cheerleaders are reduced to skeletal shells.

Lots of terrific good humor here, mostly from Daisy's rather wry observations about high school in general and Nightshade High in particular. Perez gives readers clues as to where the story begun here might proceed in the two other books: DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND and DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR both due in 2009. Humor, romance, and the undead: a perfect combination of elements for reluctant readers and for fans of the vampire-zombie books that have taken on lives of their own. Pair this one with GENERATION DEAD.

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