October 12th, 2004

reading ladders


Welcome, friends. I have finally taken the plunge and joined the ranks of the bloggers. Check in here from time to time and see what books I am reading, what I think of those books, and an occasional observation about kids and books and reading.
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reading ladders

Books, books, books

So, what am I reading? My bathroom book right now is the new Hinton book, an adult vampire novel that takes all sorts of odd twists and turns. I am nearly finished with it. I also have a few more chapters to go in the living room book, THE TRUTH ABOUT SPARROWS, by a new Texas author. It is historical fiction set during the Depression near the gulf coast. It is a lovely book about growing up and coming to terms with difficult times. While the cover did not engage me, the title is intriguing and the voice of the protagonist is evocative and eloquent.
reading ladders

Recommended books, Part One

Folks are always asking for a list of new books to read. Here are some of my favorites from the past month:

Bilz, Rachelle Lasky. LIFE IS TOUGH: GUYS, GROWING UP AND YOUNG ADULT LITERATURE. This professional book examines the roles of the male protagonist in historic and contemporary YA novels. (PROF)

Bott, C. J. THE BULLY IN THE BOOK AND IN THE CLASSROOMS. This professional book offers loads of advice for setting up your classroom to be a welcoming place for ALL students. Lots of suggestions for books, too. (PROF)

Frank, Hilary. I CAN’T TELL YOU. Communicating only in notes and scribbles, Jake has to convey complicated feelings to friend (or is she more than a friend?), Xandra. (HS)

Gallo, Donald R. (ed). FIRST CROSSING: STORIES ABOUT TEEN IMMIGRANTS. Award winning YA authors write stories about teens facing more than the usual problems. (MS/HS)

Giles, Gail. PLAYING IN TRAFFIC. Another intense novel from this talented author examines how responsible one person must be for the safety and sanity of another. (HS)

Hale, Marian. THE TRUTH ABOUT SPARROWS. Historical fiction set during the Depression in Texas’ gulf coast. (INT/MS)

Lamb, Sue. GIRL, 15, CHARMING BUT INSANE. This humorous coming of age story with a British accent is sure to please older readers. (HS)

Leavitt, Martine. HECK SUPERHERO. Heck’s mother tends to lose herself from time to time. He has learned to fend for himself, but this time he feels as if his whole world is crumbling. (MS)

Lynch, Chris. THE GRAVEDIGGER’S COTTAGE. Two children worry when their father lapses into unusual behavior. It’s bad enough living in the old gravedigger’s cottage. (INT/MS)

Mackler, Carolyn. VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE. Mara is a senior and in a close race for valedictorian of her class. It does not help matters any when her cousin V comes to live with her family. (HS)

Martin, Ann M. HERE TODAY. Ellie (short for Eleanor Roosevelt Dingman) faces obstacles at home and at school. Her mother, Doris Day Dingman, seems to be at the center of all the struggles. (INT/MS)

O’Keefe, Susan Heyboer. DEATH BY EGGPLANT. Bertie wants to become a famous chef. His teachers and parents want him to pass 8th grade. His archenemy wants him to die. (MS)

Parker, Daniel and Lee Miller. BREAK THE SURFACE: WATCHING ALICE BOOK ONE. Tom Sinclair moves to NYC following an awful tragedy in his life. His plan is to stay a loner. Alice changes all that until the day she disappears. (HS)

Perez, Marlene. UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT. Megan’s mandatory essay on how she spent her summer vacation includes some rather unique events not the least of which is her decision not to have breast-reduction surgery. (HS)

Rosoff, Meg. HOW I LIVE NOW. A teen, stranded in England when the country is invaded, comes to look at life quite differently after her experiences in wartime. (HS)

Stine, Catherine. REFUGEES. Alternate narrators, one in NY and one in Afghanistan tell of the changes in their lives post 9-11. (HS)

Truss, Lynne. EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES: THE ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH TO PUNCTUATION. This warm and humorous adult bestseller tackles the tricky problems that arise when one does not punctuate properly. (HS/AD)

Woods, Brenda. EMAKO BLUE. Multiple narrators tell of the miraculous and too-short life of one of their classmates. (MS)