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I just handed this one off to the residents of the back bedroom who are already bored on this fourth day of summer vacation. Yep, it is a vampire story. Linda Benson, the brill and fab (as Paul Zindel used to say) associate editor of VOYA sent it to me for review. I picked it up this morning and read it straight through (no, the deadline is not until next week, but I did want to take this off the TO DO list). At the outset I was a bit disappointed as I thought I knew exactly where this book was headed. And then, WHAMMO!, it took off to another plane. Nice twists and turns that delighted me and kept my interest until the bitter end. And the ending promises more to come in the saga of Lucas and Bianca, two very star crossed lovers, one vampire, one not.

I appreciated the characters who were a curious mixture of stereotype, archetype, and realistic at turns. There is more here that I hope will be explored in subsequent novels.
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