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The Lovely Bones, After Life, and other books that have examined life after death must all move aside and make room for this remarkable novel, Elsewhere, that draws you into the story and holds you there to the bitter end, um beginning. Liz Hall is 15 when she is killed by a hit and run driver. She "awakens" on a boat bound for Elsewhere where she will spend some time before returning to earth as a baby. In Elsewhere, residents live their lives backward. So, Liz is fifteen and destined to get younger and younger. She finds this idea more than a tad disturbing. What about getting a driver's license and boyfriends and all the rest of her life that she did not get to experience on earth. Her grandmother Betty is there in Elsewhere, determined to help Liz make the transition. It is not an easy journey from life to death and back to life, however. Author Gabrielle Zevin has created an interesting place in Elsewhere, peopled by fascinating characters and situations. The book literally draws one in and does not let go easily.

The cover, s snow globe, will not do much to draw in readers without some convincing. However, for those kids looking for a book like Lovely Bones and Afterlife and the others, this book will more than fill the need.
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