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Despite the rather youngish looking kid on the cover, I think this is an audiobook (and book, too) that would appeal to older readers, too. As a matter of fact, the review journals have noted it as recommended for up to 8th grade. Damien discovers a bag of money. Before long, he and his brother are spending it with lots of help, of course, from friends and classmates. Of course, since most of the loot is in pounds, the boys simply round up what they pay for classmates to bring them lunch, rent them their bikes, etc. That makes the spending go faster, too. This is a funny romp that is balanced in part by the quirky Damian, a young boy obsessed with patron saints (he knows the patron saints of everything) and who still misses his recently deceased mother. The audio will work well here to help assist American readers in negotiating the British references with nary a stumble. Fast and fun and worth the listen as narrator Simon Vance gives credible voice to the young Damian.

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