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Took the day off (well, it is Labor Day, right?) and read MAXIMUM RIDE by James Patterson another of the adult authors jumping onto the YA bandwagon. It is a quick read, and has been nominated for Quick Picks, too. Meet Max and her rather unusual family: Angel, Iggy, Nudge, Fang, and The Gasman (he who smelt it, dealt it). What sets these kids apart from everyone else? They are human and bird hybrids, having some of their DNA replaced with avian DNA in utero. They have been brought out of captivity at the SCHOOL by Jeb who has been missing and presumed dead for a couple of years now. Max and the others are living alone and relatively happy when the Erasers, another hybrid of wolf and human, disrupt their lives and kidnap Angel. Then, the adventure gets underway as Max and the others set off to save Angel and find their true identities. I enjoyed the book and, of course, the ending is wide open so there will be more installments in the adventure. In addition to flight, Max and her compadres have other special talents. One can read minds (and command people to do things as well), one can pick locks with ease, one can pick up traces of humans by touching their computers, chairs, and other objects. I am certain there is more to come in terms of the unusual talents as the series continues.

Whether this is a QP or not remains to be seen. I am heading out into classrooms to do booktalks in the next few weeks and will see what flies and what does not. Back to the CSI Marathon....
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