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Finished the book and I think now I can give a more unbiased report on it. While I still think any teacher who has a sexual relationship with a student should be drummed out of the business, this book is about much more than that. It is about, I think, any relationship that goes sour. It is also about healing from incredible hurt. As I was reading the second half of the novel, I was struck more with the quality of the prose. This novel is sharp and funny and smart. Compared to RAINBOW PARTY, well there is no comparison. RP is poorly written; TEACH ME is not. Nine is a complex woman, not simply a teen who has an affair with a teacher. She is smart and incredibly vulnerable. Her family is supportive but clueless when she suddenly seems to change. TEACH ME is complex and real.

THE BIG OVER EASY was wonderful to listen to on the drive back from Brownsville. Shakespearean characters showed up in references; the newspapers and headlines are full of inside jokes. This was too much fun and I look forward to THE FOUR BEARS, the next in the series.
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