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35 years and counting

My hubby and I celebrate 35 years as a married couple today. Having the chance to do so here in St. Thomas is just a lovely addition to the celebration. We enjoyed lunch overlooking the indescribably blue waters off the coast, walked around a bit, picked up some snacks and returned to our villa. The afternoon was spent reading, looking out on the view from our balconies and snacking on popcorn. Old married people, huh? I wanted to take a few minutes to post about the book I finished on my Kindle this afternoon: THE LONDON EYE MYSTERY by Siobhan Dowd (David Fickling Books, 2008). Ted and Kat are thrilled when their cousin Salim wants to see the London Eye during his brief stay at their home before hopping a plane with his mother to New York. When Salim disappears from the London Eye, Kat and Ted set themselves the task of helping to solve the mystery. This is a challenge since the two of them, despite being siblings, think very differently. Ted has a syndrome never fully identified but most likely Asperger's, that makes his mind operate in an unconventional way. Teamed with Kat, the two begin to see how Salim has vanished. This is a nifty mystery with quirky main characters and some nice twists and turns. For readers who enjoyed Blue Balliet's books in intermediate school, this is the next logical step up as they morph into middle school readers.


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