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ghostgirl lives!

Scheduled to launch from Little Brown in August of this year, Ghostgirl is certain to find a ready adn eager audience. Charlotte is psyched about the first day of school. She is determined to join the popular crowd, try out for cheerleader, and win the affections of hottie Damen. Just one thing gets in her way: she chokes to death on a gummy bear right after being assigned as Damen's lab partner. Now she is in Dead Ed (textbook, Deadiquette) with other dead teens. And Damen is still out there at Hawthorne High, the puppet of the most popular teen in school. Well, she might be dead, but Charlotte is not going to let that get in her way.

Funny, dark, insightful are all apt adjectives for this book. I took the packaging (a coffin filled with pink confetti and a copy of the book) to Alief with me this week. I brought the book home to read. So, I spent Mother's Day reading. Not bad. It is not simply the packaging that will set this book apart. The cut size is unusual, a cross between a YA novel and a picture book. Add to this the cut out on the cover, a coffin shape that contains the silhouette of a young woman with a pink banner running across it reading REST IN POPULARITY. Of course all the packaging and design in the world will not be enough to keep kids reading the book. It need a book to deliver the goods, and this one does. Pair it up with GENERATION DEAD for those readers who want another one like it.

Visit for more fun (Charlotte even has a My Space page). Thanks to the lovely Victoria Stapleton for the cool mailing.
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