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Despite the young-looking cover, I think this is a book (and the first in a new series) that will appeal beyond intermediate grades to readers who love Harry Potter, Jonathan Stroud, and Angie Sage. THE MAGIC THIEF tells of young Conn's attempts to pick the pockets of Nevery, a disgraced wizard returned to Wellmet. Touching the magical stone (locus magicalicus) of another wizard generally results in death. Nevery is amazed that Conn is not only alive but able to withstand the revenge of the stone. He hires Conn as a servant though Conn thinks he will become the wizard's apprentice. Magic is seeping out of Wellmet and Nevery is back home to see if he can uncover the reason for the drainage of magic. Nice, quick read with short chapters, interesting characters, a few minor plot twists, and some comic relief to boot.
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