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greetings from South Texas

Yesterday, I rented a car and drove about 425 miles south of home so that I could spend the day today teaching the first YA literature class of the semester. I had a lovely class of 15 grad students all studying to be librarians (and quite a few who are already in the library and learning on the job). We talked about books and teens and censorship and so many other topics.

On the drive down I listened to the first half of THE BIG OVER EASY by Jasper Fforde, a British author of adult books that Bonnie Kunzle introduced me to a few years ago. I loved THE EYRE AFFAIR and the other books in this series. THE BIG OVER EASY is the story of Jack Sprat who is investigating the death of Humpty Dumpty for the Nursery Crimes Division of the police department. Was it foul play? Or was Humpty simply suicidal? Nursery rhyme characters run amok in the story as Sprat and his assistant talk to Solomon Grundy and other suspects and witnesses. Prometheus becomes a boarder in Sprat's home, going to show and tell with his daughter and helping his son with his project on ancient Greece. What a hoot! It is a lovely audio production.

At night I am reading TEACH ME, the much discussed book by Nelson. I am finding it well worth the time and also worth defending. Though the idea of a teacher having a relationship with one of his students is reprehensible to me, this book, told from the point of Carolina (Nine to her friends) is sharp and witty and insightful. I am about halfway through the book and will post more once I am done. In the meantime, it is back home tomorrow listening to the last of THE BIG OVER EASY.
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