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No cover to show you until we unbox the scanner. However, this is an amazing picture book. Written by Doreen Rappaport and illustrated by Kadir Nelson, ABE'S HONEST WORDS hearkens back to MARTIN'S BIG WORDS in several ways. First, the cover is a stunning full face portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Title, author, and illustrator are on the back cover. This works for me on so many levels not the least of which is that it is only Honest Abe's eyes, his cowlickity hair, his jug ears, his gentle grin (though his eyes show some of the weariness he must have felt in his life) that peer back at the reader. Inside, the end papers are lush and each contains a separate and important quote from a man who used words sparingly but to great effect. Once again, there are two texts on each double page spread. One text tells of Lincoln's rise from log splitter to lawyer to emancipator. The other text sections are quotes from Lincoln's writings and speeches. Several appendices include a brief bibliography of other books about Lincoln, a selective research bibliography, a timeline, and the text of the Gettysburg Address.

Thanks to Angus Killick, debonair Hyperion impressario, for handing this F&G to me.

Update on the remodeling...Cali worked her tail off these last few days to hang the art, arrange the furniture, unpack some of the boxes, decorate the shelves, etc. It is not done, but it looks like a whole new place. I plan to take photos once I find the camera!
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