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back from IRA and Atlanta

I did not blog much from IRA as I spent a lot of time there working on A) my audio column for VOYA (done); B) a resolution for NCTE from the Standing Committee against Censorship (drafted and off to the committee for comments); C) grading the final assignments from my grad classes (done); D)working on my book (finished the intro and worked on a couple of chapters). I did attend a wonderful featured author session with Carolyn Coman and Joan Bauer. Then, I hosted a panel with Sarah Aronson, Laura Ruby, Sonya Sones, and Laura Ruby. We expected about 75 as it was a ticketed event. We had about twice that count (maybe more) and it was a lovely and rollicking hour of question and answer and discussion.

I finished a book on the plane (first class, baby!). Due out in February of 2009 from Little Brown, NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, is a stunning coming of age story of Terra. Terra is a beautiful young woman who hides her flawed face (a port wine stain covers most of one side of her face) under layers of makeup and layers of locked down emotions as well. Enter Jacob, an adopted Chinese Goth, Terra nearly kills when her car skids on some ice. Jacob and his mother, the vivacious, take charge Norah are the antithesis of Terra and her family, but somehow the two families mesh. Jacob and Terra and Norah and Lois (Terra's mother) head off to China on a trip that will certainly alter the courses of all their lives.

The lovely Victoria Stapleton has graciously offered to send ARCs to those interested (and thanks for the so cool mailing, Victoria, my darling). You can reach her at:

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