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just peachy in Georgia

Got a lot of work done yesterday in the hotel room. Even managed to grab lunch with the ever lovely Victoria Stapleton and dinner with Lois and Marjie. In between stuffing my face I began work on my summer classes on Blackboard, put together a presentation for Lewisville ISD, and cleaned out my Inbox. Last night I watched the fog gather and enshroud the buildings out there. Now the sun is up, and I have one more day to work quietly without interruptions. Life is good.

I finished reading GENERATION DEAD (Hyperion, May 2008) this morning. The cover certainly garnered the attention of my two resident teens when I brought it back from TLA. I managed to hang onto the ARC for this trip with the promise they could have it when I returned from IRA.

Differently biotic teens are showing up in significant numbers in Oakvale. They attend classes with Phoebe and her friends though there is a great deal of biotism against them. Among the DB is one of Phoebe's childhood friends. However, neither she nor Marji, her best friend, quite know how to approach Collette. Is it possible to be friends with a DB? Phoebe and her friends join in a school sponsored program that will bring together the living and the not living teens. But there are those residents of Oakvale High that want nothing to do with the "zombies" and would rather see them all truly dead once and for all.

Sharply funny, this novel will attract readers because of the terrific cover. However, it will be the humor, irony, sarcasm that will keep readers moving from one cover to the other. Add to this the everyday slings and arrows of teen life in and out of school, and readers will delight in a book that both reflects the realities of peer pressure and cliques and also manages to poke fun at these things at the same time. There is a bit of a mystery here that, IMHO, is not resolved. Perhaps there will be more books???
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