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I adore Richard Peck. Somehow he is able to write about history and make it seem alive and contemporary. That is certainly true for his award winning novel ON THE WINGS OF HEROES. I listened to this in audio format over the last few days. The episodic nature of the narrative of this novel makes it perfect for audiobook. The narrator perfectly captures the voice of a young boy whose life is idyllic until World War II changes life in his neighborhood. Davy Bowman observes the changes, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread. His older brother heads off to become a fighter pilot. Davy and his pal Scooter begin to scavenge for paper, rubber, and metal to support the war effort. However, all is not grim; life does manage to go on. And Davy's life allows readers to see just how war affects each and every one of us.

The skies have darkened here in Atlanta, and I suspect flights will be delayed today. But I have some more audiobooks, a book for my Kindle (and how I am loving this) and a few ARCs to carry me through. The day began with my darling granddaughter, Cali phoning before she is usually up on a Saturday to let me know her engagement is official. Her fiance asked for our blessing last week. GULP! It hardly seems possible.
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