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greetings from Atlanta

I finished reading the forthcoming Nancy Werlin book, IMPOSSIBLE (Dial, September 2008), on the flight from Houston to Atlanta. We were delayed on the ground because, at the last minute, a passenger fled down the aisle demanding to be let off the plane. Either she had never flown before (doubtful) or had a premonition about the flight (also doubtful) or was having a panic attack (BINGO!). They convinced her to stay on the plane after calling back the jetway. Then, they sat her across the aisle from me where she hung over a barf bag crying that she couldn't do it. We sat on the ground while they filed an incident report (giving us a BS reason for the delay) and then she took some drugs and we took off.

And then I landed here in Atlanta and they were playing Simon and Garfunkle's rendition of "Scarborough Fair" , the song which is the basis for Werlin's novel. Freaky day, folks. But now I am here a few days ahead of time for IRA, hoping to finish an audio column for VOYA (due tomorrow) and some work on the new book before I meet with my editor next week.

Back to the book which is the reason you are here, right? Lucy is 17 when she finds out the secret of all the Scarborough women. They become pregnant as teens, give birth to daughters, and then go mad. It happened to her mother Miranda and to generations of women before her. At first, Lucy is incredulous. A curse from an Elfin Knight? However, on the night of her prom, Lucy is raped by her date although Lucy remains convinced that Grey was not himself, literally possessed by someone or something else. She becomes pregnant and learns of the curse. The only way to end the curse is to complete three seemingly impossible tasks, all contained in Miranda's version of the song "Scarborough Fair." Will she be able to complete the tasks? Can this ancient evil be defeated?

This was a totally absorbing read, part mystery, part folklore, part coming-of-age. Werlin has proven her prowess at storytelling over and over again, most recently with RULES OF SURVIVAL. I think this is a book that will appeal to fans of Libba Bray's trilogy as odd as that might seem on the face of things. Certainly those who already love Werlin's books will find this newest offering as irresistible as the Elfin Knight's charismatic human appearance.

The cover will have to wait until I am home and we unpack the scanner. The remodeling is almost over. New furniture and the window blinds are delivered tomorrow. Cali is taking care of getting the shelves and cabinets in some sort of order. Hurray!
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