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greetings from Nawlins

I seem to be striking out when it comes to book covers this month. So many of the ARCs are not yet listed at Amazon and Titlewave. Oh, well, too bad. We will struggle onward. A new Chris Lynch is always welcome. Lynch is a Jekyll-Hyde author, IMHO, as he bounces between hilariously funny coming of age YA and gritty, relentless, intense, incredible coming of age YA. INEXCUSABLE was a book that, quite frankly, deserved many more accolades and even a mention by some of the award committees. It was a masterpiece. Period.

Now, Lynch returns to the comic end of the YA novel with THE BIG GAME OF EVERYTHING. Jock, Onion Jock (aka Union Jack, but don't dare call him by that name) has a bronion named Egon and parents the boys call Peach and Leonard. Their Grumpus owns a golf course which he is still in the process of building (12 holes and counting). Jock plans to work the course for his grandfather for the summer. When two of Grumpus' old pals come for an unscheduled visit, Jock learns firsthand about the Big Game of Everything. It could be subtitled, He Who Dies with the Most Toys Wins. Jock is disturbed by these visitors and their skewed outlook on life. Can amassing points in the game be all there is to life and happiness? Jock has a summer of confrontations: confronting the bullying Noblett brothers, confronting his own brother Egon, confronting a vegetarian rodent and a massive green cat, and the worst excuse for a golf pro ever.

Lynch is at his hilarious best here. I had to watch myself carefully as I read this one on the flight in from Houston. It does not make folks comfortable to have someone laughing out loud while reading on the plane these days. Darn shame!
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