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another missing cover

Seems I am having no luck with covers for the forthcoming books I scored at TLA. Once we unpack all the computer equipment, I will have to do some scanning for sure. Here is the new Sharon Creech, HATE THAT CAT. Jack is back and so is Miss Stretchberry. It is time for poetry class and this year, a cat enters into Jack's life. Skitter McKitter becomes the subject of many of Jack's poems as he and his class emulate the poets shared by their incredibly talented teacher. Alliteration, consonance, and onomatopoeia all appear in the discussion as Jack stretches his poetic wings. William Carlos Williams, Christopher Myers, and other poets make appearances in Miss Stretchberry's class and in Jack's writing as well. One thing I loved was that Jack, whenever he mentioned a poet would parenthetically ask if the writer were alive or dead. Thankfully, so many of them are with us. Thanks, Sharon Creech, for bringing back Jack and Miss Stretchberry and a love of poetry.
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