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I drove over to Beaumont this afternoon so that I did not have to drive at 4 am tomorrow to arrive to give a speech for the local librarian's group conference. Took the back roads and enjoyed the high blue and the wildflowers and the lack of nasty traffic. Also gave me time to complete an audiobook and still arrive at the hotel with time to finish reading the ARC for the forthcoming John Green novel.

No cover, folks, even though the ARC indicates there will be a dual cover treatment. PAPER TOWNS is both quintessential John Green and a departure for him at the same time. I know that might not make sense. So, let me try to explain despite my lack of sleep for the past week. It is quintessential Green in that the humor is present. Not overriding the story, not HAHAHAHAHAHAHA just snorting aloud as you read funny. Example: "Chuck Parson did not participate in organized sports because to do so would distract him from the larger goal of his life, to one day be convicted of homicide." Green brings together the most unlikely cast of characters from a guy whose parents obsessively collect Black Santas to Q whose parents tend to overanalyze his motives, to Margo Roth Spiegelman, the enigmatic next door neighbor whose disappearance leads Q and his friends to cross state boundaries in a minivan on graduation night.

A recounting of plot would be counterproductive here as the story is not any more linear than the road trip undertaken by Q and company. It zigs and zags, twists and turns, juts and bends. And I do not want to ruin this read for anyone else. Suffice to say, Green has once again demonstrated that his success with LOOKING FOR ALASKA was no fluke at all. Neither was AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. PAPER TOWNS shows that this adept storyteller has flair and, more importantly, heart. His ability to get readers into the skins of his characters is incredible. I feel as if I have lived Q and Margo and Lacey and Ben and Radar (and maybe even Chuck). So, no minivan parked outside, but perhaps an adventure tomorrow in the SUV???

ETA: Snagged jpegs of the covers from fellow LJer, Mary Pearson.
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