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Twilight time

How much did I love reading TWILIGHT on the plane rides from SC yesterday? So much that I forgot I was on a propeller plane from SC to GA in a thunderstorm. Somehow it seemed more fitting a setting for the reading of this delicious romance/vampire novel. Bella Swan has moved in with her father in a rainy town in Washington state. She encounters the smoldering Edward her first day of school. He seems, at first, to be repelled by her presence. After he saves her from being hit by a skidding van, Bella begins to guess at his true nature. Edward is a vampire, one Bella loves immediately and absolutely. There are dangers for both of them, of course, but the romance grows. This is a fabulous read: slow and inexorable in its movement toward a shattering climax. The characters are wonderfully diverse, both human and vampire. I know Natalie (age 12) has been reading this one on the sly because of all the dog-eared pages where she had to hastily mark her place before placing the book back on the shelf. BTW, she is not supposed to be reading the book only because I need to read it first for possible QP or inclusion in my workshops. However, I think she adores sneaking the book off the shelf and replacing it without me "knowing."
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