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No cover to show you as it is not available at the usual locations. SHIFT by Charlotte Agell is a view of a dystopic future that is certain to appeal to readers who enjoyed THE SKY INSIDE, THE ADORATION OF E=JENNA FOX, THE GIVER, and others. It seems to me that we are seeing more of these novels recently, but perhaps that is just due to the nature of how I select books to read.

SHIFT is the story of Adrian, his sister Shriek, and their mother who live in a world controlled by Homestate. Evolution is forbidden in schools, rapture is delivered in daily sermons via the telejector. The president, the flag, and the minister of state are irrevocably entwined. The nation is christian; anyone who is not a believer is eliminated. When Shriek heads off to a summer camp, Adrian decides to head to the zoo, one of their favorite haunts. There he meets Lenore and the race to survive begins.

Taut, riveting, and frighteningly real in places, this is a view of the future no one would want to see become reality and yet the outlines are already carved, aren't they?

Thanks to Tim Jones of Holt for giving me a copy yesterday.
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