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greetings from TLA (finally)

I have been just a tad busy here in Dallas at the Texas Library Association conference. My pal Lois and I arrived Monday afternoon, checked into the hotel and collapsed. Tuesday dawned early for us as we wrestled boxes of "stuff" into the room for the audio preconference co-chaired by Sylvia Vardell and yours truly. We had a nice crowd who sat and listened to librarians, teachers, audiobook producers, and Rick Riordan discuss the benefits of using audio with kids. Everyone left with at least one door prize (an audiobook) generously donated by FULL CAST AUDIO, BRILLIANCE, and LISTENING LIBRARY (thanks again, guys). Mary Burkey, Sylvia and I wore our Odyssey shirts (BEST.COMMITTEE.EVER.)so we could be located in the dark if need be.

After the preconference I helped set up our exhibit booth. Lois and I grabbed a late lunch/early dinner and retired to the room to read. Wednesday began with breakfast with Tim Jones of Holt and a bunch of wonderful Texas librarians. Then it was a race to the convention center to set up for my presentation on new YA books in the Arena Theater (scary big). A quick dash after that to the booth and then it was time to present again, a session on books for tweens. Yesterday came to an end with an incredible dinner with Tomie DePaola and the lovely ladies from Penguin (Hi, Scottie and RaShahn).

I am off shortly for Day #3 where I hope to actually see some exhibits and maybe even some sessions. And while I am here, the remodeling is approaching completion. There are still painters in the house and some appliance deliveries, but all other work is done!
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