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deja vu all over again

A recent comment left here transported me back to fifth grade and Sister Mary Fabian's English class. I had made two errors in a posting and someone felt compelled to let me know that I should be more careful in my work. I generally do spell check entries. Proofreading my own work, on the other hand, has never been a strong suit. Add to that my atrocious typing skills, and there is a crying need for a full time editor supervising my work.

But I soldier on (beginning a sentence ungrammatically I am certain) and post about my recent adventure with books. Here is a quick read that will become part of my TLA Tween presentation next week.

The novel is short (128 pp.) with little text and loads of pictures. Julian is an alien on a mission to this miserable planet disguised as an 8 year old. His parental units are hopeless; school is useless. Do not even mention the standardized testing! To top it all off, his maternal unit (Evilomami) expects him to empty the trash. Lots of fun here including a brief reference to Shel Silverstein's poem "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout."

Now, let's hope this is a clean posting.......
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