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new and improved!

Well, the house for one. The floors are in. Now we have a week of respite before the next phase begins. We will fill it with trips to select some new chairs to go around the counter and perhaps some other new items. We have to go also (ugh) to see the CPA and learn how much more Unca Sam wants from my meager wages. Hate this part of the spring season.

On the plus side, I received this wonderful box of stuff from Stone Arch Books. I am already a fan of their classics in GN form. Now, we have this incredible set of materials we can offer readers in intermediate grades. There is a book in GN format, an audio, and an interactive CD that "plays" the book along with the audio. NICE! Here is one of the titles:

I am adding it to the presentations I am doing on tweens down the road. I would love to see some more stuff like this for older kids, too.
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