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reading with my ears again

After driving to and from Houston yesterday to give a speech for the West Houston Area Council of Teachers of English, I finished listening to this audio recording of FRANKENSTEIN narrated by Simon Vance. He is a gifted narrator who handles this rather difficult material with ease. I enjoyed the quick pace of the narration; it propels the story forward with some alacrity (I love that word and seldom have cause to use it in my writing). I am familiar with this classic tale as I selected it a few years back as the topic of a chapter I wrote for a volume of ADOLESCENT LITERATURE AS A COMPLEMENT TO THE CLASSICS edited by friend and colleague Joan Kaywell. I wondered how the makers of the creature features of my childhood had ever gotten away with the murder of this classic. Then, of course, I realized that I was ascribing too much thought to the producers. See Libba Bray's LJ entry about the Hollywoodization of her trilogy from earlier this week.

In any event, this is a wonderful audio recording of the novel. Vance sets readers off on the incredible journey into the mind of Shelley and her creations. A bonus with this audio from Tantor is the inclusion of an e-book. The e-book contains a PDF of the entire novel that can be printed and then used to follow along with the listening. There are several of the classics produced in this set from Tantor. For teachers who wish their students to see and hear the words of the classics, this is a terrific idea.

Remodeling update: we are back in the house for a week or so. The floors are complete enough that we can live here while they finish the little bit to be carpeted later this afternoon. Scout is having some time adjusting to the wood floors. He looks like a runner taking the signs to head to home plate--lots of corners and sliding. His paws also make a galloping sound when he dashes around. He is soooooo happy to be released from the captivity of one room for a few days and has not yet taken a moment for more than a brief "meep" to welcome me in the door.
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