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becoming a vampire, I mean, a hemevore

The flooring is moving very slowly and we may be in the hotel longer than a few days. However, the good news is that I had time to read. The newest offering by A.M Jenkins (hi, Amanda!), proves once more that she is a hugely talented author. Certainly, the Printz Committee recognized that this year when they named REPOSSESSED as an honor winner. And now we have NIGHT ROAD, the story of Cole, a hemevore (blood drinker, vampire) who has been called back to the The Colony, a community of hemevores and omnivores from which they feed. A newly turned hemevore named Gordon needs help learning how to control his feeding, his Thirst. Cole takes Gordon and the hemevore who turned him, Sandor, on a road trip. It will be one that will change all of them in some significant ways. This story is more than a vampire tale. It deals with becoming a man, with learning that you have to accept responsibility for your actions and confront the mistakes you have made, with helping someone else deal with demons, too. Jenkins' book is original in many ways not the least of which is her take on the culture of the hemevores. Cole is a riveting character; Gordon an irritating teen. There are quite the variety of characters here including a rather dark and savage hemevore who kills for the thrill of watching someone die. Totally absorbing, madly unique. Make plans now to have loads of copies on hand for the demand that will build from the moment a teen reads it and passes it along to another and so on and so on and so on....

PS: I do not want to diminsh this in any way by invoking Stephenie Meyer's trilogy, but this one will have the same kind of wildfire word of mouth appeal, I think...
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