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hear ye, hear ye!

I no longer have to listen to all my audiobooks with my "Odyssey ears" ( a term coined by our beloved leader, Mary Burkey, last year when we were listening to all the audio submitted for our consideration for the first ever Odyssey Award), but it is so hard to simply listen and not make notes and comments along the way. However, since I still have a VOYA column on audio looming, I took along a few audiobooks on my recent trip to South Texas.

ELIJAH OF BUXTON was a phenomenal audio. I had read the book already (twice) and so I was hoping that it would measure up to the text. I must say that narrator Mirron Willis was incredible on this audio. It's hard for me to hear any voice but Chris' when I read his books. It plays in my head. However, after a minute into the audio, I was convinced that Mirron Willis was born to read this novel. He brought Elijah and Chris' words to life. I appreciated especially his voicing of the women and girls in the story. So many male narrators tend to do female characters in a sort of breathy high-pitched style. Willis avoided this blunder and elected to make the women sound as strong as Chris intended them to be. His pauses, pacing, tone, and range were spot on.

The nice bonus: Chris read his own afterword. This audio was a perfect companion for my drive to and from South Texas.

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