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South Texas fun

I have three more sessions to do today on this 2 day whirlwind visit to South Texas. It began at 8 am yesterday with three hour long sessions at Sinton High School where I talked to the 9, 10, and 11th grade BOYS. The first group ambled in; one young man told me to speak slowly and take my time. Yes, they were thrilled to get out of class and probably more than a little pleased that the girls in class had to stay behind. However, as it turned out, the guys were a terrific audience, listening intently to me talk about "guy" books for 60 minutes at a time. Some of them even wrote down titles to check out!

Then, I hopped in my car and tore over to Rockport Fulton Middle School where I saw all the kids (I think) in one of 4 separate sessions. After dinner to Chili's I spoke to parents at the high school and then sacked out in my room at THE INN AT FULTON HARBOR. Lovely view from my balcony there, but I was too tired to appreciate it until this morning.

So, here I am at Rockport Fulton High School where I have done three or four sessions and now have lunch with teachers, one more booktalking session and then some time with the middle school faculty before I pack up and head home. I am exhausted but so gratified as I am using largely brand new books. This is like tightrope walking without a net and I have not developed my "schtick" for these books yet. BUT, the kids are responding enthusiastically to most of the titles. And thanks to the wonderful librarians who brought me here through grants from the Improving Literacy in School Libraries Fund. They also bought tons of books and are using some of the $$$ to bring in authors. Crutcher will be here next week. I would love to stay and see the kids' reactions.

I will post about books later as I am finishing up two audiobooks with all the driving. And if you plan to be on the road between Rockport and Conroe and see me weaving from fatigue...No worry as they have a cappuccino machine here in the library and I plan to overcaffeinate myself. Cappuccino in the LIBRARY! I might have to come work here.

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