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Whores on the Hill

Great title, huh? Another one nominated for Quick Picks. It certainly is quick reading, I will give you that. However, I am not sure that it is worth reading. It's rather like RAINBOW PARTY, lots of titillation, sex, drugs, etc. Rather flat characters. A few nice moments, though, when the nun is discovered to be the runaway teen from the past, when one friend betrays another. I just do not buy the narrator's voice as a teen. It seems more like an adult writing a memoir. Having said that, I am anxious to hear what teens have to say. I am also surprised that this is not one of the titles that has been mentioned in the various news stories about lust in YA literature.

I am also about halfway through OPEN ICE (well, when the heat index is over 100, we stay inside and read) and think it is a superb novel. Last great hockey novel I can recall was by Chris Lynch, so maybe it is time for a second one? Will write about it when I complete the book. Off to SC this coming week and taking some books with me for the long rides and airport delays.
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