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picture books again

Jon Scieszka teams up with three terrific illustrators in SMASH! CRASH!. The title says it all (or most of it). Jack and Dan love to smash and crash. Their affinity for this activity actually makes them useful by the end of the story. Loren Long, David Gordon, and David Shannon's contributions to the illustrations make this one of those books kids will demand be read to them over and over again.

Can anyone pick up a book illustrated by Stephen Gammell and not know it instantly? His work is immediately recognizable and always appreciated by his fans (include me). Add a text by George Ella Lyon and you have a winning combination each and every time. MY FRIEND, THE STARFINDER is a lovely look at the bond forged between a young girl and her older neighbor who claims to have found a star, been covered in a rainbow, and other incredible tales. I adore Gammell's ability to make the drawings of his characters positively glow.
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