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more books for younger readers

I spent some time today cleaning shelves, weeding books (at home) and thinning closets. Next week the remodeling moves to floors and we need to pack things away for a week, so it was time to clear space if I could. Late this afternoon, a box of books arrived from Simon and Schuster. I pulled out the picture books and read them after dinner. Here is the best of the bunch.

Farmer Grey's animals pitch in to make life a tad more colorful while he is away. Duck, Goose, and Rooster paint the barn, the fence, and then move on to the grass, the flowers, the sun and the sky. Along the way they mix primary colors to create secondary ones. Reminiscent of MOUSE PAINT, this is a terrific book to teach color concepts to kids.

And while we are talking about colors, here is A TASTE OF COLORED WATER, a story that revisits the Jim Crow laws that restricted water fountains by skin color. Through the eyes of two young children, the idea of drinking colored water seems somehow magical. The reality is much more frightening.
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