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more picture books

Paul Fleischman gives readers a tale of a sailor who settles on land, marries, and has a child. When his child is born, the couple plant a tree. The tree always lets them know how Jack is doing and feeling even when Jack heads off to find his own way in life.

MAGIC NIGHT combines a kitten and a fairie in the story of a fairie who wanders into a strange home. Eventually, the kitten helps the fairie find its way home. The illustrations are amazing. One glance at the cover, I think, indicates the wonder and magic present in the book.

This story takes readers full circle as a young girl named Mary shares a secret friendship with a mouse that lives in Mary's house. Over the years, the mouse and Mary wave to one another. They grow up and each moves to new homes. Later, there is a surprise in store, of course, for where the two meet once again.
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