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no connection, what to do?

Yesterday morning I arrived at the office after Spring Break to find that my computer was not functioning properly. After 2 hours of busy signals, I got through to Computer Services who listened to my account of the "illness" that had occurred two weeks earlier. What did we do last time they asked me (I am not kidding) and told me they would send me an email about the work order (ironic, huh?). So, no way to check email or grade assignments. What to do? I read some picture books. Here they are.

I love Eric Rohman's frisky kittens, one of which cannot wait for summer to end and the snow to fall. Easy, repetitive text and simple illustrations that convey the mood of the kittens makes this a lovely book for toddlers.

SQUIRRELLY GRAY combines classic picture book format with graphic novel format, a winning combination. Notice we have the Tooth Fairy and The Big Bad Wolf chiming in as well.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is the title of this picture book about the childhood of Althea Gibson. It recounts her tumultuous beginning in the sport of tennis and her dislike of the need to be "ladylike" and follow what she deemed to be rules that had nothing to do with athletics at all.

More books in a separate posting.
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