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give this book a better cover

As I mentioned last night, I am reading SHELF LIFE. I read it really only because it has been nominated for QP. The cover is, IMHO, not indicative of the contents. I really liked this offbeat novel about a group of teens working in an old rundown supermarket. Some are there out of need, some are there permanently, and others are passing through. Each chapter is a different aisle in the store complete with a listing of items running down the side of the page. Along our trip through the store we meet Adam and Louisa, destined to become friends and perhaps more. Rahel is working in the meat department even though her religion does not permit her to do so. Chloe daydreams at the cash register while Jared and Dylan do not seem to do much more than cavort with the box crushing machine. Author Robert Corbet has fashioned a quirky read about an eclectic group of teens. However, this is a book we will need to share with kids in booktalks and read alouds if it is ever to get off the shelf and into someone's reading cart.
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