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home sweet home (under construction)

The flight from St. Louis to Houston took off a little late, but arrived close to on time. I headed home, unpacked, took a look at the progress of the remodeling, and then curled up in bed and vegged out for the day watching an NCIS marathon.

Today was a gorgeous Spring day. After church and lunch, I decided to curl up in a chair and read for a while. With any luck, later in the day, the network at the university will be working again and I can check email. The university decided that no one would need access to the server this weekend and that our online class software could be updated this week as well. I mean, who works during Spring Break, right? DUH! Graduate students are having fits because the network is still down. Maybe tomorrow I can email all of them my reassurances.

Back to books. This little gem, SARAH SIMPSON'S RULES FOR LIVING, is a perfect book for intermediate level girls. I am putting together a list of tween books for a presentation in a couple of weeks, and this one will definitely be on it. Sarah Simspson has her own take on what should go on lists in her new journal. For one thing, she lists the things you can and cannot trust. Trust no one but cats, especially not your father who is off with his new girlfriend, Kim. Sarah's life has undergone some changes lately. Dad is gone. Mom has a boyfriend. She is still not popular at school. But maybe things will improve if she follows her rules for living. They couldn't get worse, right? I think this was one of those books I would have found not only fun to read but somehow comforting when I was Sarah's age (12) and dealing with divorce and other issues. It is funny and warm and hits the nail on the head when it comes to the emotional roller coaster of tween life.
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