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Greetings from Springfield Illinois and the Illinois Reading Conference. This has been a long but rewarding day. My three presentations went well, I think. I signed a few books. Had a chance to say HI to Pam Munoz Ryan and Laurie Halse Anderson. Met Judith St. George and Esther Hershenhorn and loads of wonderful teachers and librarians.

At the end of the conference, I came back to the room to read. No cover shot as the book is not even listed on Amazon and Titlewave. Due out in August, CREEPERS, is from Running Press, a publisher relateively new to the YA field. Courtney and her parents have just moved into the old house in Murmur. The home faces an ancient cemetery. Both the house and the cemetery are overrun with ivy (creepers). Shortly after Courtney moves in, she meets an eccentric father and daughter, Christian and Margaret Geyer. They conduct tours of the cemetery. But there is much more to the Geyers than Courtney first sees. They are on a mission not only to save the old cemetery but to put two restless spirits at ease. Courtney and her family are drawn into this chilly little mystery with plenty of twists and turns.

As I was finishing up the book, there was a knock on the hotel door. I asked who it was. It was two young teachers who had the room next to mine and who had come back from dinner sure that someone had been in the room. Hate when that happens while I am reading a spooky book. Creepers, indeed. I head back to St. Louis tomorrow. I am sad that I will miss seeing the other talented authors who will speak at the conference, but there is work to be done at home, too. Farewell to the Land of Lincoln and back to the Land of Remodeling Hell.
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