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The onion knows all and even reveals some

After I finished reading the new Lowry book, I kicked back (well, as much as one can in a tiny plane) and listened to OUR DUMB WORLD, an Onion atlas. Profane, politically incorrect, and absolutely hilarious. I am now mulling over whether to review it for my VOYA audio column as it a tad adult. ANYBODY OUT THERE WANT TO GIVE ME SOME COUNSEL HERE?

I had to keep the laughter inside (in Catholic school, this was called Judas laughter though for the life of me I still cannot figure out why) as I listened to chapters on England: Surging Ahead to the Nineteenth Century and other countries. It was a lovely way to pass time while flying over America's heartland.

Now, the sun is drifting down in the sky outside the hotel window. I think I will watch some news and then pick up another book to while away a few hours before bedtime. I give the breakfast presentation in the morning, so I hope to turn in early as well. It is nice to be here and not at home which is in the process of major renovations. I made it through carpentry all day yesterday (Scout particularly loves the new shelves on the kitchen wall) and managed to miss the electrical work today (two new ceiling fans and light fixtures for the kitchen and some rewiring). I think we have a break now before new floors and counters. Why did I think this wise?
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