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The kitchen remodeling began this morning and was rather short-lived as the rains came before predicted. So, the walls are bare of cabinets on one side and doors to the cabinets on the other side are removed. With any luck, the building of the new cabinets will begin tomorrow and we will have phase one done by the end of the week. I had a few hours, then, of peace and quiet to read Michael Morpugo's THE MOZART QUESTION. I think this slim story will pair nicely with THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. That said, readers will either make a heartfelt connection to this book or reject it (see PW review for the rejection part). It is the story of Paolo who hears a lone violin playing the street one evening and makes his way toward the music. In this small act of excitement over the beauty of music, Paolo reunites his parents with someone they knew in the past, a past they would love to forget but cannot. The story is framed within another story of a novice reporter told to interview a famous and eccentric violinist but to be careful to avoid the Mozart question.

The story moves quickly and would serve as an introduction to a unit on the Holocaust. DO we need more books that cover this period of history? An emphatic YES. Today's students need as much exposure to the horrors and cruelties of history in order to ensure it is not repeated.
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