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ahoy landlubbers

Loved the first installment of this planned trilogy. I decided to listen to the audio of TIDE OF TERROR. This one picks up where the first one ended. Grace and Connor are reunited aboard The Diablo. After a bloody battle that leaves one of his friends dead, Connor begins to question his life as a pirate while Grace longs for Lorcan back aboard the vampirate ship. Cheng Li arranges for the twins to visit the Pirate Academy in hopes of recruiting Connor. Life at the academy appeals to Connor but there are other factors to consider including the continued threat of the vampirates who have overtaken the crew of a pirate ship and murdered all aboard.

While it is not necessary to have read the first book to appreciate the action and adventure of this one, I do think that the thoughts and feelings of Grace and Connor and the growing danger from Siddorio are better understood if readers know more about the circumstances that bind them all together. The third book promises to be a grand finale.
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