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Sometimes publishers are given to a bit of hyperbole when it comes to talking about a forthcoming book. When I received the manuscript for THE HUNGER GAMES, it came with a letter warning me not to begin reading unless I had plenty of time to read it in one sitting. Yeah, sure, I thought. But it turned out to be quite true. I should have known. I have so enjoyed reading the Gregor books by this author. But, in THE HUNGER GAMES, Collins brings us the first in a new series. Set in a post apocalyptic America that has been divided into districts, there is much poverty outside of The Capitol. Katniss has known the cruelty of this poverty. It caused the death of her father, a mine worker. It has kept her family near starvation for as long as she can recall. And now, there is the Reaping, the day when two young members from each district are selected at random to take part in the annual Hunger Games. It is a winner take all competition where the one left alive is given a reprieve; all the other competitors are dead.

Katniss' younger sister is one of those chosen. Katniss offers herself in the place of her sister and is transported along with Peeta, the son of the local baker, to the Capitol where preparations for the games is about to commence. I will give away no more save to say that this is a truly captivating, riveting, and engrossing read. It combines the eerie dystopia of books such as THE GIVER with adventure and survival stories reminiscent of Gary Paulsen. And yer it is not derivative in the least. All I lack now is the cover for the book and the second in the series.
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