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turkey or hen?

One year my sister ordered a tur-duc-hen for Thanksgiving. Only in Texas, I thought, would we stuff a turkey with a duck and the duck with a hen. However, I am certain this treat travels outside of our own borders. So, what does that have to do with books? Enter BEAUTY AND THE BEAKS" A TURKEY'S CAUTIONARY TALE. Lance the turkey arrives at Beauty's salon (the Chic Hen) to brag that only he has been invited to a grand dinner. When Beauty investigates, she discovers that Lance is to be on the menu and not seated at the table. She and her friends disguise turkey so that he may escape his fate.

I love the illustrations that use mannequins and real sets designed by the duo Mary Jane and Herm Auch. The sets and mannequins were photographed and scanned and set to scale to produce hilarious results. Lots of word play here, folks, eggzactly what this story needs to take it to the next level.
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