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The latest installment in the series from Scholastic is THE FAMILY BOOK: AMAZING THINGS TO DO TOGETHER.

Jammed with ideas of quick and easy activities for the family to share, this book (IMHO) hearkens back to my own childhood. Before we could afford a TV, we spent hours doing puzzles, riddles, and games that involved little save clothespins (dating myself here) and ordinary objects. That time is not gone, at least around our home. Yesterday we were talking about a theory Corrie's teacher was trying to get across to the class (and not having much success). Somehow this led us to the "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" and "can God create a rock so big he could not lift it?" This fascinated Natalie who is right now, I am certain, getting into trouble in class for talking about this.

Back to the book. It is chock full of fun and quick activities for all ages to enjoy. From brain busters to car games to challenges to amaze and amuse, this book should find its way into the homes of families.
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