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I will have to scan the cover as it is not available at the usual web sites. David Ellwand and his wife Ruth have concocted this incredible story that takes readers on a dark journey through the woods and into the kingdom of the fairies. The journal within a journal format works wonderfully with the mystery that is being revealed. Ellwand's journey opens the story. While walking though the Downs he uncovers a run down house with a mysterious box inside. The contents of the box include another journal, that of noted nineteenth century photographer Isaac Wilde. Spare text is accompanied by photographs by Ellwand of his find and Wilde of his miraculous discovery, too.

Surreal, mysterious, eerie: just three of the adjectives that spring to mind. Add engaging and insistent and you have some idea why everyone who has received this ARC has gulped it down from start to finish in one draught. Count me in. It is mesmerizing and sure to be a hit with loads of readers. The kids who grew up loving THE MYSTERIES OF HARRIS BURDICK, who love Holly Black and others who write about urban fairies, the ones who still clap to save Tink. That is part of the audience that will clamor for more just like this one. And if you do not already know Ellwand's Fairie-ality and Cinderlily, well you have some more treasure to mine.

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