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In what is sure to be a title announced next January at the 2009 ALA Midwinter meeting, Kadir Nelson gives us new insight into the Negro Leagues in WE ARE THE SHIP.

His illustrations vary between showing these intrepid ball players as giants and as everyday men. Sure, they were heroes in the game and in their efforts to end racial discrimination. They were also brothers and fathers and neighbors. The quiet, even grim, determination on the faces of the players from Pop Lloyd to Willie Foster to Satchel Paige and beyond is testament to the battle these men faced in their sport. There is almost an aura that surrounds them as they pause to throw a pitch, stand poised in the outfield to catch a pop fly, or swing away at a fast ball. The use of proportion emphasizes the might of these men. While the text is interesting and informative and quite personal in places, it is the illustration that will rivet you and demand your attention. Attention must be paid.
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