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TGIF and then some

Friday with a free weekend ahead--time to read. Finished reading the new Lara Zeises, ANYONE BUT YOU. The novel has two narrators who tell of an eventful summer of change, heartache, love, lust, and readjustments. Seattle is the "sister" of Jesse and Critter. Mom Layla works double shifts at the hospital to take care of her family. Jesse works hard at the convenience store. But Critter and Seattle are not looking for work as, in a few weeks, each faces the daunting prospect of summer school. However, before school begins, there is some fun to be had. A scorching heat wave sends Critter and Seattle in search of a pool. Critter may have found a new love interest, or at least a lust interest in the lifeguard while Seattle hooks up with a visiting Skater Dude. All does not run smoothly: Sea's long lost dad shows up seeking some sort of reconciliation; Critter's pool gal already has a boyfriend and may just be slumming. Zeises redefines the family effortlessly and gives readers insight into the hearts and minds of two fascinating teens.

It seems the books are still coming daily at the office. Some days it is like Christmas, opening boxes to find delightful gifts inside. Let's see what the weekend brings. In the meantime, back to the books....
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